When Should You Consider a Medication Evaluation?

It’s sometimes difficult to know when to recommend that a client have an evaluation for medication. Here are a few circumstances in which an evaluation may be performed:

  • The person has had a sudden change in their condition, for example worsening mood, thoughts of death or self- harm, symptoms such as auditory hallucinations, severe insomnia, anxiety and/or agitation.
  • Chronic or long term symptoms such as depressed mood, constant worry, sadness,  loss of interest or pleasure, or insomnia have been interfering with daily functioning, school, work or relationships.
  •  In children or adolescents, irritability, anger, behavior problems, school difficulties are interfering in relationships or daily life.
  • Psychotherapy alone is not producing any improvement or the situation is worsening.
  • There is a family history of psychiatric illness.


Current research tells us that for certain disorders a combination of psychotherapy and medication is more effective than one or the other alone.