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mmunity of Support, Health,
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We proudly provide the following services:

Individual Therapy:
In a supportive and nurturing environment the individual and therapist work collaboratively to understand how the client's life stressors and personal history relate to current feelings, behaviors, and decisions. The goal of this exploration is greater personal fulfillment and healthier relationships.

Children & Adolescents
Children and adolescents have a safe and comfortable atmosphere to express their feelings and learn the coping skills necessary to manage stressors in their lives. Through a creative and expressive therapeutic process, children of all ages develop higher self-esteem and work to decrease depression, anger, and anxiety related symptoms. This process increases their ability to function independently and make good choices for themselves.

Couples Therapy:
Partners learn to understand their differences and utilize those differences to promote growth as a couple and increase intimacy. Couples develop healthier, constructive ways to express their true feelings while still maintaining the ability to listen effectively. A safe atmosphere is created where each partner can own their contribution to the conflict and also receive the empathy of their partner.

Family Therapy:
The focus in family therapy is on helping families confront challenges such as poor communication, rebellious behavior, or a lack of closeness. The therapist will help the family face these difficulties and develop more effective patterns in how they work together.

Group Therapy:
We offer a variety of groups that focus on issues such as understanding your interpersonal style in relationships and maximizing personal and professional fulfillment.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment:
This is an assessment performed by a psychiatrist, to help determine an accurate diagnosis, create recommendations regarding course of treatment, and monitor the potential benefit of psychotropic medication.

Medication Management:
A service provided by a psychiatrist or our Advanced Practice Nurse, in order to adjust and monitor psychotropic medication trials, as a follow-up to the Diagnostic Assessment.

Psychological Testing:

Personal Growth offers ADHD Evaluations, Chemical Dependency Assessments, Psychological Testing, and Gastric Bypass Pre-surgery Evaluations. 

Please note - Network insurance contracts may vary by individual therapist - be sure to consult your insurance company or our office to verify participation.