Psychological Testing….For what???
Ross Arneson, Psy.D. Ext. 316

  • What is psychological testing?

    The goal of psychological testing is to diagnose and guide treatment by utilizing tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe one’s behavior. By using standardized and researched tests, we can take an objective look at someone’s functioning. For example, “How do my attentional abilities compare to other adults my same age?”


    What can you test for?

    Psychological testing can evaluate one's general cognitive, academic, social, and personality functioning and is often geared toward diagnosing a psychiatric condition. For example, psychological testing can be helpful to:


    -Determine an appropriate diagnosis

    -Plan treatment (For therapy and/or medication management)

    -Help to make progress in therapy

    -Provide a second opinion

    -Identify cognitive strengths and/or weaknesses

    -Understand academic functioning

    -Plan school/college accommodations (504’s and IEP)

    -Determine what personality traits, characteristics, or disorders may be present

    -Determine psychosocial strengths and weaknesses


    What is the process like?

    Each evaluation battery is specifically tailored to a client's presenting concerns and individual needs. The length of an evaluation depends on the client's abilities, referral concern(s), and their response style. Evaluations can be completed in either one day or across multiple days. In most cases, results cannot always be given the same day. In fact, it often takes time to score and interpret all of the results before a feedback session.  Individuals should expect to be asked many different questions, fill out questionnaires, and work to solve puzzles.


    How do I explain the process to my child?

    This may depend slightly on the reason that brings you in, but in general you could say, “We are going to meet with someone who is going to help us better understand how you think, feel, and behave.” We often say to children, “There are a lot of short activities like puzzles, worksheets, drawings, and games. Some things may remind you of things that you have done at school, while others may be new. In some cases, there are no right or wrong answers. You just need to try your best.”


    Can you use insurance?

    Psychological evaluations are a covered benefit under many health insurance plans. However, each insurance company’s benefit plans are different. It is highly recommended that you contact your insurance company with questions about your coverage and benefits.


    Further questions or curious on how to start the process?


    Personal Growth Associates offers psychological assessments with specialization in children, adolescents, and adults for a variety of issues. Our experienced psychologists assess for the following:

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    Intellectual Functioning (IQ): Giftedness, strengths and/or weaknesses
    Depressive disorders
    Anxiety disorders
    Bipolar and related disorders
    Gastric bypass surgery evaluations
    Domestic/International adoption
    Level of adaptive functioning

    Please contact our intake team for administrative or clinical questions regarding specific testing services.  Our intake team can be reached directly at (847)413-9700, ext. 305.  If you want more information about the doctors who perform psychological evaluations, visit and review the following provider profiles on the “About Us” page:


    Dr. Ross Arneson, Psy.D., ext. 316

    Dr. Mark Pumper, Psy.D., ext. 324

    Dr. Tim Re, Psy.D., CADC ext. 317

    Dr. Mark Vogel, Psy.D., ext. 318