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Insurance and Forms

Insurance Panel Affiliations*:
- Aetna
- Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO
- Cigna
- Medicare
- Value Options
- Various Employee Assistance Programs

*Not all providers are affiliated with every insurance. Please contact your insurance company to see if the provider you are seeking is in-network. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (847)413-9700, ext. 300.

Important Questions to Ask About Your Mental Health Benefits


With every new calendar year, insurance benefits may change and being aware of those changes will help prevent surprises when it comes time to see a therapist or doctor.


Mental health benefits can often times be different from your medical benefits. Sometimes authorization is required, or the claims may go to a different insurance company altogether. We highly recommend clients call prior to their appointment to find out their benefits and what they will be expected to pay. You should find a customer service number on the back of your card. When you call, please ask the questions below:


  • Is the provider I’m scheduled to see in or out of network? If out of network, do I have out of network benefits?


  • Do I need authorization for outpatient mental health services? If so, can I get the authorization or does my provider have to call?


  • What is my deductible for outpatient mental health services?


  • Do I have a co-pay or co-insurance? If so, what is it?


  • Is there a limit on how many visits I can have per year?


  • Where are the claims sent?
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