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Mark A. Bakal, Psy.D.

Dr. Mark Bakal is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist whose passion is helping individuals, couples, employers and employees find ways to live a full and satisfying life. He has been providing Psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups in various settings since 1987. In addition to his clinical work in the office, Dr. Bakal has been providing training and consultation for small and large businesses throughout the Chicago area for several years. He enjoys presenting in a down-to-earth and interactive fashion.

Over the past 14 years he has presented and consulted on a wide range of topics including:
• Building Leadership Skills by Understanding Personality Styles
• Coping with Trauma in the Work Setting
• Dealing with Difficult People at Work
• Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
• Effective Management using an Emotionally Intelligent Approach
• Getting the Most From Your Couple’s Experience
• Goal Setting
• How to Provide Excellent Customer Service
• Keys to a Successful Couples Relationship
• Motivating Your Colleagues and Employees
• Parenting: any age, any topic
• Stress Management
• Surviving and Thriving in Times of Organizational Change
• Time Management
• Using Creativity to Thrive in the Workplace
• Using Knowledge of Personality Styles to Thrive at Work
• Working as an Effective Team

Dr. Bakal has presented to many companies including:

• Allstate
• Ameritech
• AT&T
• Bank of America
• Baxter
• Cardinal Health
• Citi Commerical Banking Group
• Discover Card
• Harris Bank
• Hewitt and Associates
• JP Morgan Chase
• Motorola
• PepsiCo
• United Airlines

To schedule Dr. Bakal at your company for a presentation or for more information, contact Dr. Bakal at (847)413-9700 ext 314.

Dr. Bakal has been providing executive coaching, training and consultation for small and large businesses throughout the Chicago area for several years. He uses an approach to coaching called Internal Family Systems (IFS). He believes when we work with the different aspects in our personality in a certain way, we are able to get out of our own way and unlock our natural tendencies of self motivation. He loves empowering people to find ways to make changes that actually feel right to them as opposed to making huge efforts and spinning one’s wheels.  

This approach is clear cut, energizing, systematic, and relatively easy to learn. He has a nice way of teaching clients how to extract key information from the parts of their personalities that block their success. This key information is then used to help them unlock their natural tendencies toward success. Once someone understands this method, they are able to begin to utilize it on their own.