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At Personal Growth Associates, we are committed to helping you develop the life and relationships you want. We strive to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere to address the issues and challenges you face. Accordingly, we make an effort to select the therapist with the most appropriate style and expertise to match your individual needs. Often, our therapists and psychiatrists will use their collective experience to develop therapy goals. This comprehensive care may also include the combination of therapy and medication if appropriate to your situation.

Mind Fullness vs. Mindfulness

By Sonya Kontorovich, LCPC

Are you full? Not in your stomach, but in your mind? Endless to-do lists, remembering so many people, tasks, dates, places. Does this feel like a burden that causes anxiety, depression, dissociation, physical decline, sleep problems, appetite disturbance, or headaches, among other unpleasant things? Could it be that there is a “fix” for so many of our struggles, be they at work, in our relationships, in our views of self, or in our interactions with the world? To read more click here.
Couples Tip
of the  Month
"From the first day of our life until out last breath, the very foundation of our existence is affection and human warmth". (tweet from the Dalai Lama, April 23, 2011) Try to increase both in your relationship this week and every week.
-Barbara Fontana, PhD
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Do you sometimes feel:
  • That you don’t matter? 
  • That all you do is try to make everyone else happy, while never feeling happy yourself? 
  • That you can’t get past the disappointments and hurt you’ve experienced?
  • That life is overwhelming? 
  • Your relationships aren’t what you want them to be?
  • That you want more out of life?

If so, please join our support group for women who want to be in charge of their own happiness and create the life they really want.  Having the support of other women will help you become stronger and more empowered.  You will learn how to:

  • Increase your self-esteem by learning to love and accept yourself.
  • Replace negative thinking with a positive attitude.
  • Grieve losses and disappointments.
  • Create and keep boundaries in your life.
  • Improve current relationships and create healthy new ones.
  • Set achievable and fulfilling goals.

Facilitated by Fonda Lewis, MS, LCPC, NCC

Saturdays from 10:00 - 11:15 am

To register please contact Fonda Lewis at (847) 413-9700, ext. 336
Interested in a career with the Personal Growth Associates?

Personal Growth Associates is interested in hiring both a full-time and part-time licensed outpatient therapist for our Schaumburg location. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, driven,  Licensed Psychologists, Social Workers or Master's level counselors (LCPC), who are hungry to learn and grow professionally within an outpatient private practice setting.  An ideal candidate welcomes supervision, ongoing learning, self-examination, and a team approach.  Please contact Joseph Ripp, Psy.D. at 847-413-9700 x 315 to set up an initial interview or e-mail your resume to josephripp1@comcast.net
Meet Steve Wodka, Psy.D., one of the partners at Personal Growth Associates!
Steve Wodka, Psy.D. was featured in this CBS local article.